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Utah Pumpkin Growers Prepare for Weigh Off
Salt Lake City UT - Sept 23, 2022

Punk Rock Farmer Friday! Featuring The Great Pumpkin weigh-off.
Salt Lake City UT - Sept 15, 2022

Following a Utah man's journey to grow the heaviest pumpkin he can
Salt Lake City UT - Nov 23, 2021

Frankenstein-shaped pumpkins are a hot selling item in Benson
Logan UT - Oct 5, 2021

Giant pumpkin record squashed
Idaho Falls, ID - Sept 28, 2021

Brigham City retiree grows state-record giant pumpkin
Logan UT - Sept 28, 2021

Meet the Utah Creator of Frankenstein Pumpkins
Western Magazine - Sept 27, 2021

Utah Pumpkin Grower Squashes Previous Record With Giant Pumpkin
National Radio - Sept 27, 2021

Brigham City grower squashed Utah’s giant pumpkin record
West Valley UT - Sept 26, 2021

Utah's giant pumpkin record squashed by Brigham City grower
Salt Lake City UT - Sept 25, 2021

Utah man has sights on a record-breaking pumpkin
Salt Lake City UT - Sept 24, 2021

Utah man has sights on a record-breaking pumpkin
National News App - Sept 24, 2021

Why Staheli Farms crunches cars with giant pumpkins
Salt Lake City UT - Oct 30, 2020

Top 10 Coolest Halloween Traditions Across America
National - Oct 11, 2020

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Mohamed Sadiq Wins the 2022 Weigh-Off with a 1905 lb. Pumpkin

1825 Sadiq View Full Weigh-Off Results!

Ross Bowman Breaks the State Record with a 2147 lb. Pumpkin at
Hee Haw Farms 2021

1825 SadiqSee Full Weigh-Off Results

Pumpkin Regatta

Pumpkins set sail on Saturday, October 16th at Oquirrh Lake in Daybreak, South Jordan. Don't miss the fun! See more details.

Pumpkin Drop

Giant pumpkin will be dropping for charity at Hee Haw farms on Saturday October 23rd beginning at noon. More Info.

Feast with the Beast

Watch the Elephants take on the Giants Pumpkins for Thanksgiving at Hogle Zoo. It's a stomping good time! See more details.

This is competitive pumpkin-growing and its practitioners call it alternately a sport and an addiction.