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Giant Pumpkins at 4th annual Regatta at Sugar House Park
Salt Lake City, Utah - Oct 17, 2014

Pumpkin Grower Beats Utah State Record for 1,731-Pound Fruit
Salt Lake City, UT - Oct 9, 2014

Utah establishing itself as the Extreme Pumpkin Capital
Lake Tahoe, NV - Oct. 6, 2014

Utah Holds Largest Pumpkin Competition
Salt Lake City, Utah - Sept 28, 2014

Utah's New Biggest Pumpkin Weighs 1,731 Pounds
Salt Lake City, UT - Sept 27, 2014

Rise of The Giants Preview Chronicles Monster Pumpkins
Provo, Utah - Sept 23, 2014

Pumpkins in the spotlight
Salt Lake City, Utah - Sept 23, 2014

Utah Pumpkin Growers Invite Us To The Big Weigh Off Next Weekend
Utah - Sept 21, 2014

Utah man rides giant pumpkin down the Colorado River
Salt Lake City, UT - Sept 19, 2014

Video Show 1,200-Pound Pumpkin Floating in Colorado River - kind of
Salt Lake City, UT - Sept 5, 2014

Provo, UT - Nov 25, 2013

Watch: Giant Pumpkins Drop in Utah
National News - Oct 28, 2013

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1454.5 QuigleyMatt McConkie Breaks The Utah State Record Again - 1731 lbs!

Dispite the heavy rain, the crowd with energized with excitement as the final pumpkin belonging to Matt McConkie, was lifted onto the scale at the 2014 UGPG weigh-off at Thanksgiving Point.

Matt's pumpkin, grown from the 1985 Miller seed smashed his previous state record by 131 pounds and came in 10% heavy to top it off. "Weigh" to go Matt. Congratulations on another successful pumpkin and your 3rd Utah State Record!!

Pumpkin Regatta

Don't miss the giant pumpkin boat excitement on Saturday, October 18th at Sugarhouse Park Lake. More Info.

Pumpkin Drop

Giant pumpkin will be dropping for charity at Hee Haw farms on Saturday October 25th beginning at noon. More Info.

Feast with the Beast

Join us Thanksgiving Day at Hogle Zoo for the traditional feeding of the giant pumpkins to the elephants. See more details.

This is competitive pumpkin-growing and its practitioners call it alternately a sport and an addiction.