Mohamed Sadiq Breaks the State Record with a 2287 lb. Pumpkin at 2022 California weigh off

1825 Sadiq View historical state records!

Mohamed Sadiq Wins the 2022 Weigh-Off with a 1905 lb. Pumpkin

1825 Sadiq View Full Weigh-Off Results!

Ross Bowman Breaks the State Record with a 2147 lb. Pumpkin at
Hee Haw Farms 2021

1825 SadiqSee Full Weigh-Off Results

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Ever wonder what goes into growing such a giant gourd? Learn more about how to grow a giant pumpkin here.

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Ever wonder what happens to a giant pumpkin? Check out these cool links to learn more.

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"This is competitive pumpkin-growing and its practitioners call it alternately a sport and an addiction."


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Utah man has sights on a record-breaking pumpkin

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